J&J Landscape Management, Inc. takes pride in landscaping some of our nation's most historic landmarks. J&J has been trusted to keep these national sites looking in pristine condition.

While the Washington DC Metro area is a long way from sunny California, homeowners can still use some of these outdoor space ideas in their backyards.

This particular homeowner wished to mimic Sevilla, Spain, a city she visits regularly, with her small lot she owns. 

Small Outdoor Space

Spanish-style archways with glass tile border the edge of a splash/reflecting pool with a spa and fountain combination for a superior aesthetic look.   

The desginer also added a:

- Gas Fireplace

- Outdoor Dining Area

- Sundeck

- Fireplace Seating Area

Many of these design ideas can be achieved for your backyard if you would like believe it or not! Check out the entire beautiful backyard here.

If there is no snow on the ground, the weather February always brings is dry and cold. You may think this is a great reason to run your sprinkler just as you would in the warmer months of the year. However, this is a big misconception.

When you have a fence professionally installed around your home, rental, or commercial property, it means that you will have unparalleled safety, security, and beauty for a long time to come.

For those who have been given the added bonus of having a basement, there are plenty of ways you can make the space work as your own. Whether you are looking to add a special getaway for the family, a hideaway for certain portions of the family or even a rental space, a basement is a great advantage to a home.

Renovating a home is a big job, whether homeowners are aging in place, planning to sell the home or just bringing the house into the 21st century. While the rewards are great, the pitfalls are just as great. Too many homeowners think they have what it takes to remodel their own home. They might even be right. However, the most essential of remodeling points can escape most homeowners. We'll share with homeowners the five essential remodeling mistakes residential remodeling contractors Maryland know not to make.

Whether you’re planning a new build or needing to upgrade your current home, the right bathroom design is extremely important. The bathroom is one area of your home you shouldn’t skimp on, as an elegant design will provide you with far more comfort and convenience, not to mention the fact that it will also add value. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas you can incorporate into your own building plan to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen? Wondering where to start? Check out why you should wait no longer to remodel your home!

Window wells are something that most homeowners never think about. After all, as long as they're fully functional there's no reason to give them a second thought. However, when these wells around your basement windows get flooded with rain water and runoff, it's only a matter of time until that water finds its way into your home. Fortunately, though, window well drainage is a relatively simple project that can be taken care of quickly.

You have probably noticed the weather this winter is mild. Mild weather can mean more bugs in the springtime. Nobody wants more bugs in their yard and near their house since that means more bug spray on our skin and on our plants. No need to worry with a landscape designer that understands bug problems. At Chapel Valley Landscape we not only specialize in making your landscape look great, we also specialize in knowing what plants will work best in your yard. This includes plants that repel bugs.

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