When preventing rusting on wrought iron gates, the fence should be regularly checked for oxidation, scratch marks, and indentations. Scratches and other similar forms of damage on the surface of the a paint job will allow moisture to seep through, and come into contact with the wrought iron surface, leading to its oxidation.

Imagine what your yard would look like today following a tremendous rainfall such as the one which took place all over the East Coast yesterday if it were prepared with some of these drainage tips. It would probably be in better shape and you would not need to worry about any problems the storm left behind.

There are plenty of benefits that come along with decorative stone for landscaping that homeowners may want to take advantage of when remodeling the landscaping of their home.

"The cool thing is that now that people have made this evolution where cooking is cool, people are doing it on weekends, they're doing their own challenges. It's back to cooking. And it's real cooking. (Emeril Lagasse)"

Sure, you have a load of paving material at your disposal.  Even if money is no object, however, you still have a lot of decisions to make. See, the thing is, all the money in the world won't make choosing the wrong paving material look like a good idea.

Most people are content letting their driveway remain the dull, gray crushed gravel or concrete it started as. Which is fine, there is nothing wrong with the simple stone aggregates long associated with driveways, they get the job done, but just aren't aesthetically very pleasing. 

When you think about Backyard Landscaping, do you think grass, flowers, and trees? You are right, that is part of the landscaping. Most of us want landscaping that is low maintenance, yet beautiful. 

Tired of that same dull look with everyone's pool at home. If you want to try something new to really enhance your garden and exterior look, a natural pool might be a great suggestion for your next gardening project.

Reston, VA, March 7th—Drainage & Erosion Solutions, LLC, has been certified as a 2014 Best Pick, a distinction given by independent research firm EBSCO Research. Only top-rated companies that qualify in EBSCO Research’s rigorous research process can earn “Best Pick” status. Drainage & Erosion Solutions excelled throughout this research process, boasting an overall A-rating based on over 100 candid telephone interviews with Northern Virginia homeowners. Furthermore, EBSCO Research found that Drainage & Erosion Solutions is in state compliance regarding worker’s compensation insurance, carries general liability insurance, and is a licensed Virginia contractor.

As most homeowners quickly become aware of when they try to tackle a landscaping project on their own, landscaping can be a difficult and confusing home remodel project. There are many more elements that go into the design and installation of a new home landscape than many homeowners are prepared for, and they may quickly find themselves in over their heads. Instead of dealing with all the stress involved with landscape design, consider hiring a residential landscaping design professional. Here are just a few of the many benefits doing so provides homeowners.

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