Green Roofs: Helpful Tips for Picking the Best Design for Your Home | Northern Virginia

Building a green roof is a more complex process than building a standard roof, and this is because you will actually be using your roof for a multitude of purposes. It is ideal to take your time with this kind of decision-making as you do not want to regret any decisions you make with designs for green roofs.

The Type of Roof It Is Going to Be

If you are interested in heavier plants and heavy growth, you need to understand that this will be an intensive roof that is able to handle 30 pounds or more within a single square foot. However, there are still limitations in regard to what you can grow on a roof, so you should express your ideas and concerns to professionals that deal in the industry of constructing green roofs. For homeowners that are looking to grow lightweight plants, an extensive roof may be all that is necessary for their green roof, which means every square foot can withstand a weight of 18 to 22 pounds.