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When your yard isn't completely flat, you will find it isn't as functional as you desire. One of the ways you can change this is by installing retaining walls to flatten the surface into a more usable form. If you choose a retaining wall for your yard, you will also need to consider whether you should also install lighting with it. There are several reasons why lighting your retaining wall is beneficial.


While you will spend a majority of the time in your yard when it is light outside, there are instances where you will venture out after dark. For instance, you may come home in the dark or have to chase your dog down to bring him in for the night. Adding lighting to your retaining wall will ensure you don't trip over it or run into it in the dark.

Create a Unique Atmosphere

Your landscaping says a lot about your personality and your preferences. If you add landscape lighting to retaining walls, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere in your yard. There are many variations of light fixtures you can choose, each of which will create a different atmosphere. Talk to your landscaping specialist about which type will work best with the rest of your landscape.

A Low-Cost Addition 

One of the driving factors in deciding what features to add to your landscaping is how much it will cost. When it comes to lighting for your retaining wall, the overall cost of buying the lights and installing them is fairly low. In addition to offering a low cost, it can also raise the value of your home, making it a great option to consider. 

Retaining walls are a good way to build beautiful landscaping in your yard, as well as a method of making your yard more functional. In addition to the wall, though, you should also consider adding landscape lighting. This lighting increases the safety in your yard, creates a new atmosphere and doesn't cost much extra. With all these benefits, there are few reasons not to add lighting.

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