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Choosing new landscape lighting should be an enjoyable project, not stressful. Consider these options the next time you are looking to add or change up the lighting around your home to allow for a worthwhile investment.

Post Lights

Post lights can provide a great deal of curb appeal to your property, and can be ideal for lighting up the area near a back or side door. For the best possible aesthetics, consider the architecture of your home and pitch of your roof in order to come up with a style that suits your property perfectly. You should also make sure the head of the lantern is in proportion to its height in order to prevent it from appearing awkward.

Ground Lights

Ground lights are generally very small and light up only the ground immediately surrounding them. This makes them ideal choices for sidewalks and walkways, since they make it easier for you to see where you are going. These lights could also be useful around decks, porches, or patios as well. When it comes to choosing ground lights, many people prefer solar fixtures, since they will continue to shine even if there is a power outage. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit any landscape design you can imagine.


Downlights would be better choices whenever you need to light up a deck, porch or driveway. These lights direct light downward in order to illuminate the ground, which makes them perfect for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic at night. Floodlights can often be used to cast light downward; however, you’ll need to consider the placement of them very carefully in order to keep them from being too noticeable.

These are just a few ideas we have for planning landscape lighting. Want even more ideas? If so;

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