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Landscape lighting can enhance your home's finer points such as your garden or fancy stone siding. Before taking on the task of creating nighttime aesthetics, let's go over the basics.

Light Basics

All light has intensity, which is the quantity emitted, as well as color. Lighting is also divided into three main layers: overall, task and accent. Overall light is for illumination of a wide space. Task is specific, such as lighting a statue. Accent is the lighting which draws attention to something, such as a floodlight.

A Little Goes a Long Way

The eye needs less light to see outdoors than it does indoors. This means that less is more outdoors. Sporadic lighting outside will provide the eye with enough color so the human can see their surroundings as well as the decorations and landscaping. Despite this distinction, there are certain aspects of light which hold true inside or out.

Outdoor Lighting Issues

Landscape lighting comes with its own unique set of issues different from indoor lighting. Reflection is not an issue as most surfaces are dark, but position and shielding matter if you wish to prevent a glare in your design.

Outdoor lighting also needs to be sensitive to direct vs indirect light. Direct light will highlight one object without lighting the surrounding areas. Indirect light will wash the objects in light, highlighting the area as a whole.

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