Walk This Way! Pave This Way! Just Give Me A Brick! | McLean, VA

Planning a new or redesigned walkway? Consider these 3 important factors before taking on your new project. 


Pavers come in varying sizes, shapes and colors. They are excellent for creating patterns in walkways and steps, and are strong enough to be used in driveways. Pavers can define gentle curves around trees and bushes, creating a feeling of adventure to the walkway as it winds its way to its destination.

Walkway Design

This will largely depend on what the walkway will be used for. If the walkway will be connecting the sidewalk or driveway to the front door, it will probably need to be straight or gently curved. A walkway through a larger area, such as the backyard, may meander to give a wandering feeling, while showcasing various points of interest.

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone has a wide range of textures and character. It adds a beautifully rustic look, and can be used to chart a natural looking path across the landscape. Individual stones can be surrounded by gravel, grass or other natural materials. Flagstone has a rough enough surface to allow excess rain water to run off, giving better traction in wet weather.

For three bonus things to consider (including terrain):

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