Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Architecture & More | Washington, DC

So many homeowners in Washington DC spend their weekends renovating their homes and forget about the first thing people see while passing by their property. The front yard. Here are a couple of ways you can improve the look of your front yard with simple landscaping techniques.  

Landscape Architecture

Besides having a well manicured lawn, make your home stand out by adding some eye-popping architecture. A gravel or flagstone walkway can give your home a lot of personality, while a fountain can make a great centerpiece. Bring it all together with a wood fence or stone wall

Landscape Plantings 

Add a little color and vibrancy to your yard with flowers to bring out the color of your home's paint job. You can also add small flowering trees to draw more attention to your plantings. Finally, try using small shrubs instead of large hedges to make your yard seem naturally larger.

Front Yard Garden

To read about the best way to create a fantastic garden:

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