Add a Trellis or Pergola for Backyard Elegance | Potomac, MD

Don't let your backyard fall into the category of "boring". Spice it up with an elegant structure or two. We suggest adding either a pergola or trellis. Here's what both can do for your landscape.  

Trellises and pergolas can create a focal point, or accent your garden design plans. Anyone one of these structures provides the opportunity to grow and enjoy a variety of climbing and vine plants which draw the eye up and around whatever they are clinging to, bringing attention to your garden fixtures.


Trellises were a key element in Renaissance gardens and continued in popularity through the eighteenth century and can lend an air of magic and mystery to your garden.


Similar to arbors, pergolas are more architectural in design, exhibiting masonry-styled columns, and open tops.

To add any one of these structures to your home: 

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