Add a Little Romance to Your Landscape With a Bluestone Patio

Bluestone patios create a romantic yet informal feel to any backyard landscape. This usually bluish-gray type of flagstone is derived from sandstone and has a natural appeal that makes them perfect for everything from swimming pool areas to walkways.

Bluestone works well when combined with wood, making it an excellent choice for multi-level patios that also have wooden rails or stairs. Consider a semi-circular patio that has a wooden walkway connecting it with your house in order to add visual interest. One of these patios could be surrounded with bamboo plants, cedar shrubs or boxwood for an extremely earthy feel.
If you enjoy lots of color in your garden, consider making an informal seating area with bluestone, and then planting hydrangea, purple roses or delphinium. The blue color of these flowers will bring out the natural hues in the stone and accentuate it very nicely. For even more contrast, consider adding blue cushions to your chairs, or plant Japanese forest grass in vivid blue containers that are placed at strategic locations.
Bluestone patios are the perfect backdrop for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Consider one that is made from natural stone, as this will break up your bluestone patio a bit without contrasting too sharply with it. Around the fireplace, place some wicker or teak wood benches adorned with blue or green cushions to add a splash of color and help tie the different materials together.
In a quiet area of your backyard, consider creating a bluestone walkway that ends in a round-shaped seating area. The perfect spot for this would be underneath some mature trees or near a row of hedges, so that you can enjoy some privacy while sitting here. Add a fountain or two, a hammock and some colorful annuals, and you have the perfect retreat to relax and unwind in any time you’re feeling stressed a little. 

To create a bluestone patio that is just right for your yard and lifestyle:

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