Drainage Options for Your Front and Backyard


Believe it or not, summer is already half over. Have you been able to get outdoors, or is your yard a mud pit with all the rain we’ve been having? If you would love to be out there, relaxing, but can’t because the mud is two inches deep, perhaps it’s time to get some assistance with your yard landscape design. 

You'll first have to figure out how to direct the flow of water in your yard. We might not always have wet summers, but it’s wise to plan with them in mind. If your back yard is all one level, perhaps we might create some intentional hills and valleys, to direct the flow elsewhere. You can also plant a few trees in strategic spots, which will help absorb more water as they mature. In addition, you can add underground drainage (see picture) to move the water away from your house and to a more remote location on the property. Finally, in areas that get a lot of water, you can add a decorative stone like Delaware River Rock to beautify the landscape and allow the water to dissipate in that area of the yard. 

Once you've got water flow figured out, you can finally start to think about what you’d do in your yard if you could hang out there in comfort. Imagine a nice patio platform for a grill, or perhaps a complete outdoor kitchen with a bar which would allow for neighbors and friends to hang out while you cook. You could even construct a pond so that you, your children, and even the neighborhood cats can enjoy watching some beautiful golden fish swim underneath blossoming lily pads. 

So if you’re sitting indoors and watching your backyard drown this summer, contact your local landscape designer to get out of the muck today


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