Add Style to a Tub & Shower Combo in the Bathroom

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Photo Courtesy of Flickr

With only so much space in the bathroom, many homeowners combine their tub and shower space turning it into a great combo. Who says this tub and shower combo can't show off a little style? Check out some tips on how to in the article.

Whether your bathroom already consists of a tub and shower combo or you are installing one into a new home, it is such a great option to save space and money. For homeowners looking to replace their tub and shower combo, you might want to start the process by determining which model will look and fit best into your bathroom. Think about some of these tips below and make sure to check out the full article at to get some more ideas and pictures of some great tub and shower combos!

  • Make sure plumbing matches predrilled holes with new kit

  • One-piece kits best for new homes

  • Add new shower heads/faucets

Check out even more ideas for a new tub and shower combo with the link below.