How to Brighten your Bathroom Using Modern Lighting Techniques

Sure, your bathroom's vanity is the most obvious place to concern yourself with lighting. But what about the places where the sun don't shine? Your shower, toilet, and other focal points need love too:

  • For lighting around smaller mirrors, the ALA recommends fixtures be mounted at least 28” apart and 60” of the floor for best results and the shadow free facial illumination necessary for daily grooming tasks. With larger mirrors, a horizontal strip of lights can be mounted above the mirror, typically at 78” from the floor.

  • Toe kick lighting provides added safety for middle of the night bathroom trips and can be especially helpful for those who are visually challenged.

  • In the shower/tub area, recessed down lights with shielded fixtures will provide appropriate illumination and minimize glare.

Two more bathroom lighting tips await you:

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