A Fireplace for the Bathroom? A Surprising New Trend

A Fireplace for the Bathroom? A Surprising New Trend http://www.flickr.com/photos/95499292@N07/


Ever wish you had the glowing presence of a fireplace in the comfort of your bathroom? That option is not an out-of-reach fantasy. Today, many homeowners are choosing to put a fireplace in the bathroom.

According to an article from HGTV, due to new innovations in electric and gas fireplaces, creating a warm and toasty atmostphere in any bathroom has become easier and more practical. Many gas and electric fireplaces don't require a chimney, making it possible to install a fireplace in any room. Bathrooms are a new hotspot for fireplaces, as the warmth and comfort that a fireplace brings is the perfect complement for relaxing baths and steam showers. And, for those looking to raise the price of their home, a bathroom fireplace is definitely a unique selling point. 

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