Winter Storm Damage Roof Repair : Storm Restoration Specialists

Storm damage roof repair can potentially become a major problem for those with homeowners insurance, particularly when damage is more subtle. Nothing can bring more nightmares than an insurance company coming and claiming that nothing is wrong with your roof when you suspect there is. It might turn out too late when an assessment gets made and you discover a leak in your roof much later due to shingle damage.

Who can you turn to when you need to have a proper inspection done on your roof after a winter storm? Your best course of action is hiring someone who actually knows about what kind of damage roofs can take after major storms. An assessor hired by your insurance is going to automatically tilt it in favor of the insurance company so they won't have to pay for repairs.

You can find a trusted resource here at ClearView Window & Door. In addition to our work with windows, doors, gutters and siding, we also have storm restoration specialists that give the proper inspections so your insurance sees undeniable evidence.

Working with Our Restoration Specialists

If your homeowners insurance policy refuses to pay for repair based on a cursory inspection, we urge you to call us and give a professional analysis. We'll inspect your roof, and especially the shingles where the most subtle damage can usually take place. Those without proper roofing inspection knowledge don't understand how depressions in shingles can frequently occur due to hail damage. These depressions can lead to the problem of slow leaks that you may not even notice initially.

After a year or so, you may start seeing mold on your walls or ceiling from these leaks due to the slow rot of the wood. At that point, you're going to be stuck footing the bill because your insurance decided nothing was wrong.

We'll scope this out for you right after the storm occurs so we can prove to your insurance company that you need repairs done. This service is something we're proud to provide, plus one that goes beyond storm damage and into the realms of break-ins.

If your doors or windows have been destroyed from a break-in, our expertise in those industries will give you a proper analysis. Even in those cases, an insurance company may not pay to replace a door or window if there isn't any open damage. However, we know subtle damage can also occur on those items that could compromise your safety further.

Contact us so our storm and break-in restoration specialists can help you gain insight into damages that insurance companies frequently overlook. We're also here if you ever need a new door, window, gutters or siding. As a family-owned business, we only carry Energy Star products to provide the most efficiency to save you further money.




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